Private and Corporate Organizational Assistant

Staying on top of what you need to do and what you've done is vital when running a business. We know this and tailor our service to make your job as easy as possible

Easy Invoice

Our service keeps all the information from previous invoices so that billing your clients is as easy as possible

Project Management

You can create individual projects and assign goals, deadlines, and other members to each project

Easy Communication

The platform has its own messaging system that allows you to do all of your communication from one site

Core Features

Our system is available to you wherever you are, anytime you need it.

User Friendly

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Increase flow

The platform is specifically designed to increase the flow of production and decrease stress and irritation

Any platform

Being a flexible business is being able to work from any device. Our platform scales to any size


No matter the size of your business, we have a the correct platform for you and your co-workers

Organised 24/7

Our platform allows you to add as many clients as you want while staying organised and focused

Organised business

Start working with us today and get your business organised and ready to go


What are you waiting for? Get our 3 day trial for €1 and cancel whenever you want. If not cancelled you will be withdrawn the full membership price of €48 each 30. day


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Pricing Table

Our service and costs are super simple. €1 trial for 3 days. €48 each 30. day. Cancel whenever.




€48 each 30. day


Get started with BlueTool

If your interested in BlueTool we will get you easily started. Just buy our 3 day trial for €1. When your payment have been confirmed your login informations will be sent to your e-mail. Our customer service will be available to help you any time.